GC Logistics Solutions Company Limited is a logistical arm for petrochemical business of PTT Global Chemical Group and other related services.

PTT Global Chemical Group is determined to conduct our business in accordance with the good corporate governance principles, and to improve our organization in terms of efficiency through transparent and fair operation, as well as by improving responsibility to shareholders and stakeholders. This includes customers, business partners, business competitors, creditors, public sector, employees, communities, society and the environment as a whole.

Therefore, our business code of conduct are a compilation of good practices on various matters. This serves as a code of standard conduct within the framework of ethics, moral and honesty. All personnel at all levels of PTT Global Chemical Group are required to acknowledge, understand and observe such with the strictest adherence. This is not a voluntary practice. Personnel are not permitted to claim that they are not aware of this. Any violation of this code of conduct, provided that a confirmation can be produced from an investigation, will result in disciplinary action and / or legal penalties as appropriate. The intent of this code of conduct is to achieve the visions established and to reflect the value and the culture of PTT Global Chemical Group as a sustainably growing organization.

It is deemed a duty of the superiors to ensure that their sub-ordinates acknowledge, understand and proceed in strict accordance with these business code of conduct, and to provide relevant advice. Further, in the case where a question or an issue arises concerning a decision to be made or a practice for which no conduct is prescribed in the code of conduct, the individual involved should use his/her initial discretion and question the action as follows:

  1. Is such action illegal?
  2. Is such action against the policy and the organizational culture of our PTTGC Group?
  3. Will such action be deemed acceptable and can it be disclosed to the public?
  4. Will such action defame or tarnish the image of our PTTGC Group?
  5. Will such action result in serious damages to Stakeholders of PTTGC Group?


A Declaration of Intent-Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)