Corporate Compliance Policy

GC Logistics Solutions Company Limited has established and announced the Corporate Compliance policy in order to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.


This is to encourage employees at all levels to be aware of risks to the Company that may arise as well as adhering to them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Compliance to the good governance will ultimately lead to a sustainable organization with public credibility and trust. Thus, to safeguard the Company, Directors, Executives, employees and stakeholders, the Company has established the Corporate Compliance Policy that comprises the followings.


  1. Executives and all employees shall strictly adhere to and comply with statutes that include laws, rules, and regulations, Company regulations, conformity, Business Code of Conduct, policies and work procedures
  2. Executives and all employees must fully understand and perform their duties and responsibilities in relation to laws, rules, regulations, and work procedures. They shall also be aware of and understand the consequences and damages resulting from non-compliance and negligent performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  3. Executives and employees shall respect and abide by all domestic and oversea laws, rules and regulations. Illegal proceedings shall not be tolerated.
  4. Executives and employees are to communicate, promote, and execute the culture of integrity and honesty; the values that strictly comply with rules and regulations of the Company.
  5. The Compant has assigned the Risk Management Committee whose duty is to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, sub sequentially improve and develop processes to align with internal and external business operations. This includes responding to any potential changes that might occur.
  6. Employee who provides any misconduct or act that appears to be violating or not comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations, will have protection and receive fair treatment according to the Company’s Whistleblower policy.